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New and Urgent Prayer Requests

Travel – We are finishing a trimester at the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS); and then we will travel to Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Mongolia. We ask prayer for travel protection and strength over the next four months.

Prayer for anointing and wisdom as we teach, conduct faculty retreats, faculty development, and work with Bible Schools and General Councils in the Asia Pacific Region.

Finances – we need a sustaining miracle for the travel to various Bible schools in the Asia Pacific Region. Without an increase in finances we will be very limited in what is accomplished for these regional and district schools.

Prayer for our APTS students from many countries that they will be passionate to reach the unreached and forgotten in their own countries and beyond.

Thanks for praying! They are greatly appreciated!

Prayer Bulletin July 2012

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand!

I trust that you have been following us on our web page: There are pictures and prayer requests that will help you stay in touch with us. Your prayers are essential as we travel and work with Bible school administrators, faculty and the overall ministry of Bible schools.

This last three months have been exceptionally rewarding. At the beginning of May 2012 I had a board meeting in Brussels, Belgium. Our travels took us to Singapore, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Cambodia, and two Bible Schools in Thailand. We still have more Bible schools to visit in Samoa, American Samoa and Mongolia.

One statement was made in Papua New Guinea and we heard it in various forms in the rest of our travels: Missions is God’s heartbeat – Bible schools are the lifeline of missions and church planting”.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for increased monthly support!
  2. Pray for wisdom as we work alongside Bible schools in their contexts of ministry. It is a joy and rewarding to work with schools that desire to grow and be effective within their society.
  3. Pray for safe travels.
  4. Pray for Northwest University students as they prepare for the semester abroad experience (Fall 2012).
  5. Pray for a 2012 Northwest graduate as she heads to Africa for ministry this September. Pray for financial support for her to be able to go and to pay on school bills.

South Pacific Update and Prayer Requests

For the last two weeks Barb and Weldyn have visited the countries of Papua New Guinea and Tonga with a transit stop in Nadi, Fiji.

In Papua New Guinea we met with the national Bible school representative and four regional Bible school principles. This meeting was the first one in many years where the heads of these schools came together to discuss current trends and influences upon their curriculum and brainstorming on how to plan for ongoing faculty development. Please pray for the leaders who are leading schools to prepare men and women for ministry in many hard places. Also, please be praying for these schools, as they desire to train missionaries that would reach into other islands and outside their country.

We had a wonderful time in Nuku’alofa, Tonga with the principal and his wife. We have a greater understanding of their current needs. Continuing education for their current pastors is a pressing need. Their library needs upgrading with current books including a dehumidifier to give greater protection for the books. Please pray for this school and the leaders who are keen to prepared young men and women for local church ministries and planting new churches within and outside their own country.

The Next Leg of the Journey

Tonight, Tuesday night, we leave for Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.The AG Bible School was restarted and we are currently helping them in this process. They need a lot of encouragement and guidance during this time. From there we fly to Tonga for four days. Then we are back in Singapore for a couple days of break before we head off to Phnom Penh and Udoni Thani, Thailand and Bangkok, Thailand. May the Lord continue bless you two in a special way for the sake of building His Kingdom. We need prayer, the ability to sleep on the plane, and for guidance in these situations. Thanks for your prayers.

June 9th Prayer Requests

Thanks for praying for Weldyn — He is feeling so much better!

Thanks for praying — we had a safe and uneventful flight to Surabaya, Indonesia — that is the way it should be! We were met by one of the staff people of the school we are at for the next two weeks. It is a joy to be back on Campus here in Malang, Indonesia. The school provides a very nice and comfortable place for us to stay.

Please be praying for Barb as she does her final preparation for her class, which commences on Monday.

Thanks for your prayers! We are very conscious of them around us!

June 6, 2012 Prayer Request

At this moment we are at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. We leave for Singapore (via Tokyo) in about one hour. We will on the field for the next two months visiting and working with Bible schools in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Thailand, Cambodia, Samoa, and American Samoa. These visits are very crucial and we desire to see the schools encouraged and strengthened for the building of His Kingdom. Please pray for safe travels to each of the Bible schools.

Please pray for Barb as she commences teaching a class in Malang, Indonesia and Weldyn will teach the following week.

Please pray for Weldyn as on the last flight he started having a sore throat and now is fighting a cold.

Thanks for praying!

Prayer Request

Barb and I have completed about half of our time in Europe and we have come face to face with the spiritual darkness of Europe Continent. As we walked the streets of various cities and watch people go about their everyday life including several churches, there is a sense of deep spiritual lostness and they do not even know they are lost. Please earnestly pray for the Church and God’s laborers as they reach out to the hundreds of millions souls here in Europe.

Prayer Requests April 2012

1. A strong finish for the semester at Northwest University for students and faculty. Many research papers are due and students are stressed. Pray for them to manage their time well.

2. Travels in the months ahead. Strength and wisdom in the teaching and in consultation with Bible school leadership.

3. Airline ticket costs have increased tremendously. Pray with us for the funds and for good deals and connections.