Students Are Essential and Bring Much Joy

This morning in my devotions I read 2 Timothy 1. 4b-7. I began to think about the number students Barb and I have had the privilege to train and witness going into ministry. I thought about this scripture and I wrote down a few thoughts based on this passage: There is a longing in our hearts to see you in your place of ministry. To see you carrying out God’s call in your in your lives continues to bring further fulfillment of joy in our lives! Each and every day the Spirit of God reminds us of your sincere faith that dwells within you. Because of this sincere faith, we encourage and urge you to kindle and rekindle the gift of God that resides deep within the recesses of your life that finds daily confirmation in your lives in many different ways and through various individuals. Remember God gives us a spirit that does not connect with fear; but He places a spirit in us that finds deep roots and a foundation in spiritual and righteous power that overcomes obstacles and hardships, the love of God (agape), and a disciplined mind that focuses on God glorified and through obedience of the Great Commission leads people to the saving knowledge of Christ. (WH’s paraphrase of 2 Timothy 1. 4b – 7)

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