Moving can be challenging and in some cases not a pleasant experience. The following experience articulates our gratefulness when the Lord’s family rallies and helps one another. Barb and I needed to move our earthly possessions from Northwest University (Kirkland, WA) to Billings, MT. Many of you know that we are commencing a more full time missionary ministry through the Asia Pacific Education Office (APEO).

On December 13th, eight young men from Northwest University (including Dr. Herms – thanks for doing a wonderful job in packing in the boxes) loaded our earthly possessions into a U-Haul moving van. The loading of the van went superbly well and quick. Thanks guys for all your help! It took about 30 minutes to load the van. We were totally amazed!

The next day we left our daughter’s place around 4:30 AM and stopped by Northwest University to get the U-Haul van and start our trip to Billings, Montana. When we started the trip it was raining very hard and then eventually turned to snow. Snoqualmie Pass had several inches of snow on the road, but we made it. The rest of the roads to Spokane were wet along with snow showers and mist. We were happy to see dry roads when we crossed into Idaho and well into Montana. When we got about 30 miles from Butte, MT we hit a snow squall and then about 80 miles later we got into fairly heavy snow that lasted about 120 miles. The last 40 miles the roads were dry roads. We were grateful for a safe trip and to be off the roads. To God be the glory!

Today, Pastor Bob Fox (from Parkhill Assembly of God Church) had six men come (including himself) to the house and help unload the van, which was done in about 1 hour. Thanks guys for your hard work and assistance.

Barb and I are grateful and thankful for the help we have received the last couple of days. Yes, moving can be challenging, but when the Lord’s family comes together, the act of moving can be lightened. We are truly blessed by the Lord’s family!

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