Generally speaking, moving is not fun and can be looked upon as a chore. However, the move from Kirkland, WA to Billings, MT was exceptionally blessed. Thursday, December 13th, eight your men including one professor (thelped load our earthly possessions onto a U-Haul moving van. The loading of the van went amazingly smooth and was completed in about 30 minutes. On December 14th, Friday, we left our daughter’s place around 4:30 AM to begin the journey to Billings, MT. We stopped at Northwest University to get the U-Haul van, as we left it there overnight. We left Northwest University around 5:11 AM and arrived in Billings, MT around 10:45 PM. It was rough leaving Kirkland and heading over Snoqualmie Pass, as it was snowing and the roads had a few inches of snow. In fact the roads to Spokane were wet along with mist and snow. When we crossed into Idaho the roads were dry until we got about 30 miles from Butte, MT and we got into a snow squall. Homestake Pass was good, however. As we came into Bozeman, MT the snow came again and we had snowy conditions until Columbus, MT. From Columbus to Billings the roads were dry! This morning, December 15th, Pastor Bob Fox had a crew of men come to our house here in Billings to help unload the van. We had everything completed in about one hour. Thanks Pastor Bob for rounding up the guys for us.

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