Mongolia and Tokyo

This past month has gone by very quickly. I finished teaching my Spiritual Formation class in Mongolia on September 6th. What a delight to teach the first year class. On September 7th I flew to Incheon, South Korea hoping to make a connecting flight home. However, the “change fee’ was too expensive and had to stick to the original schedule of leaving on September 8th for Northwest University.

Upon returning to KIrkland, WA (Northwest University) I was warmly welcomed by Barb, who had been teaching my Cultural Anthropology including her Intercultural Communication Class. After teaching the class for one week, it was time to depart to Tokyo, Japan.

Our trip to Tokyo, Japan was in relation to the Asia Pacific Theological Association (APTA) (an accrediting body for all Pentecostal and Charismatic schools in the Asia Pacific Region). Both Barb and I have positions within this Association. In addition to the Theological Symposium, which was sponsored by the Theological Commission of APTA, Weldyn had the opportunity to speak to the students of Central Bible College of Tokyo. Also, Weldyn had an APTA Board meeting. We had the joy of meeting up with two of our Japanese students who graduated in recent years from Northwest University.

Currently we are back at Northwest University teaching our classes. This will be our last full semester here at Northwest. Starting in February 2013 we will give full attention to the tasks and responsibilities of the Asia Pacific Education Office (APEO). We will let you know more of the details in a further entry in the next few weeks. Hope to hear from you.

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