South Pacific Update and Prayer Requests

For the last two weeks Barb and Weldyn have visited the countries of Papua New Guinea and Tonga with a transit stop in Nadi, Fiji.

In Papua New Guinea we met with the national Bible school representative and four regional Bible school principles. This meeting was the first one in many years where the heads of these schools came together to discuss current trends and influences upon their curriculum and brainstorming on how to plan for ongoing faculty development. Please pray for the leaders who are leading schools to prepare men and women for ministry in many hard places. Also, please be praying for these schools, as they desire to train missionaries that would reach into other islands and outside their country.

We had a wonderful time in Nuku’alofa, Tonga with the principal and his wife. We have a greater understanding of their current needs. Continuing education for their current pastors is a pressing need. Their library needs upgrading with current books including a dehumidifier to give greater protection for the books. Please pray for this school and the leaders who are keen to prepared young men and women for local church ministries and planting new churches within and outside their own country.

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